The Greenwich Choral Society is a not-for-profit, member-based organization dedicated to excellence in choral music. We try to enrich the appreciation of its beauty through performances of the highest quality and educational programs that seek to nurture future singers and audiences alike.
Maestro Paul Mueller inviting the audience to join in singing a carol
                                                                                                                        Photo credit: Sally Harris

Founded in 1924 with a complement of 30 singers, The Greenwich Choral Society today features more than 125 voices. Then, GCS entertained only hundreds annually; now the group appears before audiences totaling thousands. In the beginning, choristers resided in Greenwich, Connecticut; now the membership is drawn from the Counties of Fairfield, New Haven and Westchester, and New York City. Recently, led by conductors Richard Vogt and then Paul F. Mueller, Music Director since 1996, performance venues have included Stamford's Palace Theater, the Norwalk Concert Hall, and Manhattan's Carnegie Hall and St. Patrick's Cathedral. And every other year, members of GCS travel to the capitals of Europe to entertain.

Certainly, there is tremendous diversity in a chorus of this size. All to the good, we say.
We vary by age…from teens and young 20's to seniors in their 80's; by race and religion; by nationality and background; by economic strata; by height and weight; by years with GCS…from newcomers to over 40-years; by skill level…from excellent sight readers to those just learning the discipline, from solo-quality voices to pleasant tones that blend well; and by experience…from those who have made music a life and livelihood to those who last sang in a college glee club. But we all have some things in common:

a great desire

to sing…
to sing better…
to be challenged musically…
to sing with other good voices…
and to enjoy the thrill of entertaining.

Commitment, Consistency and Camaraderie are the guiding principles of the Greenwich Choral Society. We work hard. We commit to over 50 rehearsals and at least six performances per season. We pay reasonable dues and music fees. While we audition every two years, we must maintain consistent vocal quality and learning skills throughout the period. Oh yes… we work very well together, because we like each other. Whether we sing sacred or secular music, the three C's (above)…are why we usually 'wow' the critics: "better than what I've seen in the City"; "right on note"; "enthusiastic and utterly entertaining"; "sharp in response, vocally strong and musically sensitive"; "…a simply magnificent performance".

Whether you want to sing with us, or join us as a contributor, or clap for us at a concert, come and enjoy…come and be thrilled.

The Greenwich Choral Society typically presents three or four different choral music programs during its season. An annual highlight is the traditional Christmas Concert held at Christ Church, Greenwich in December.