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Board of Directors

GCS Board 2015-2016

The Board of Directors is elected annually, each June.

Pictured is the 2015-2016 Board of Directors:

Back Standing (L to R): Anne Marie Hynes, Armenay Merritt, Tad Larrabee, Fred Volkwein, Ina Filepp, Allan Ruchman, Betsy Bilus, Bill Fulton

Front Seated (L to R):
Sue Grele, Mary Demko, Polly Geller, Gary Disher, Phyllis Dale

Missing: Laurie Bayless,Cathy Cavender, Suzanne Eytel, Susan Fisher,
Bill McCarthy, Pam Rask, Jaye Richey

Board members for the 2017-2018 season are:

NOTE: Click on a blue underlined name to send an email to that Board Member.

Chair: e-mail: Betsy Bilus

President: e-mail: Skip Parker

Treasurer: e-mail: Tad Larrabee

Secretary: e-mail: Joyce Davis

Registrar/Music Liaison: e-mail: Bill Fulton

Vice-President Administration: e-mail: Suzanne Eytel

Vice-President Concert Logistics: e-mail: Kathy Sweet

Vice-President Development: e-mail: Polly Geller

Vice-President Marketing: e-mail:  Susan Ellis

Vice-President Outreach: e-mail: Sue Grele

Member at Large: Community Concerts: e-mail: Phyllis Dale

Member at Large: Financial Assistant: e-mail: Fred Volkwein

Member at Large: Hospitality (shared): e-mail: Mary Demko / Jaye Richey /  Susan Fisher

Member at Large: Music Librarian: e-mail: Mark Guttenberg

Member at Large: Special Projects: e-mail: Nancy Vick

Past Chairman: e-mail: Anne Marie Hynes

         Special Committees:
            Information Technology
: e-mail: 
Ina Filepp