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We are delighted that you are interested in GCS! You might enjoy reading what we’ve been doing for the last 92 years on our website at the GCS History page.  Scroll to the end to see the most recent concerts. We’ve been busy, but we’re always looking for new singers to join us!

Auditions are held each year in September and January.

If you are an amateur or trained singer with previous choral experience and are interested in auditioning for GCS, please contact Bill Fulton, GCS Registrar at cbful@snet.net to set up an audition time. We appreciate your interest in us!


             Photo credit: Lee Paine

What to Expect at your Audition

You will be asked to sing 1-on-1 for GCS Music Director, Paul F. Mueller. Expect to do some vocalizing in order to warm-up and determine range and quality. This will be followed by some sight-reading exercises. If possible, bring a copy of a favorite hymn or folk-song to sing at the audition (or offer to sing your part from a choral work that you know well.)  If you simply don’t have access to any music, skip this step and just bring your voice! The audition will be relaxed and informative for you and the Music Director, taking about 15 minutes. You’ll be notified of the outcome within the week.


How to Prepare for your Audition

The main purpose of the audition is to determine vocal range, vocal quality and skills. Assuming that everyone is a bit “rusty” in September, the best way to prepare for the audition is to vocalize briefly...about 10-15 minutes each day for a week prior to the audition. Use your favorite exercises that you may have learned in other choral settings. Certainly avoid singing for lengthy periods of time the day of the audition or the day before!  If you fear that your sight-reading skills are weak, do not let that deter you.  We know that everyone is nervous in an audition and that everyone will do better when not under pressure. We’ve all been through it, too!


Time Commitment

Rehearsals are Tuesday evenings, 7:15 – 9:30 pm in the Daniel’s Center at First Congregational Church, 108 Sound Beach Avenue, Old Greenwich, CT. Singers are expected to attend rehearsals in their entirety; concert dress rehearsals are mandatory. Participation in concerts is contingent upon rehearsal attendance. Singers must contact their section leaders about absences. We recognize that business and family commitments sometimes interfere with Tuesday rehearsal attendance, so we have intermittent Saturday morning “make-up” rehearsals, popular because of added rehearsal time and snacks! Members who miss more than three rehearsals in a given concert rehearsal period will be required to sing for and/or speak with the Music Director to determine if the singer is adequately prepared for the performance. All Members are expected to sing in every scheduled performance unless an exception is granted.


Financial Commitment

Membership dues for the season are $195 and must be paid by the fourth Tuesday rehearsal. Payment of dues is a condition for participation in performances with GCS. Singers may apply for an extended payment plan and a limited number of partial scholarships may also be available. Scholarship recipients are expected to participate in volunteer activities benefiting GCS, as agreed upon with our GCS Board Chair.


Still have questions about auditions? Feel free to email GCS Registrar Bill Fulton at cbful@snet.net .